Vision, Mission & Objectives


“ Ideal society where values prevail with enlightened and empowered Teachers”

The college draws its inspiration from Christ, the light of the world to kindle the humanity vibrant with values of love, compassion, Justice and co-existence. Translating this Vision into action, our college cherishes the following mission.


“To Enlighten the young, to know themselves and transform the generations to come”.

Today in a world of alienation and competition human race grope in darkness of ignorance, of communal hatred, of lust and power. A world devoid of values mars the whole existence. Hence our institution strives to prepare the teachers self awareness and transformation of the society through

  1. Develop of professional scholarship, academic and research competencies.
  2. Inculcation of values of uprightness, social commitment and dignity of labour.
  3. Development of an attitude of reconciliation between man and man, man and nature which will help them to become peace makers, defenders of the marginalised and saviours of the environment
  4. Development of a close-knit network with the local people and the Village administration through appropriate schemes so as to contribute to the socio-economic progress of the local community.


In order to fulfill this mission of enlightenment and transformation the college helps the prospective teachers to acquire.

  1. An awareness of God’s presence throughout the thick and thin of their life.
  2. Academic and professional competencies
  3. Creative thinking and innovative participation.
  4. Emotional stability, strength of character and a positive attitude towards life.
  5. Sensitivity towards social issues – poverty, Illiteracy, destitution, environmental pollution erosion of human values and also an awareness about the duties and rights of citizenship.
  6. Effective communication skills and leadership qualities.
  7. Habits of health and hygiene, self-study and concentration.
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